April 29, 2021 2 min read

FBOMB TRADING INC is pleased to announce that we are now officially the exclusive Canadian distributor for HAAN, a unique skin care and hand sanitizer brand that aims to define a better future for the planet and humanity with its sustainable practices and its efforts in the restoration of the global water supply. 
“From designing the most appealing and sustainable packaging to developing and perfecting our formulas, the creation of our personal care brand has been an incredible process for us. So many of our #WaterCreators have been asking us to make HAAN available in Canada, and we are incredibly happy that they’ll now be able to make our favorite products part of their daily self-care routines, too.” Eric Armengou, HAAN Founder 
“As you know we’re always looking for the new cool brands to introduce to Canada. With everything that’s going on right now this is the perfect personal care product that I feel every retail shop should have. It is unique, has great function & design and is also helping build water around the world. The owners came from our world and have created this fresh new brand so we’re excited to be working with them. “ Garret ‘GMAN’ Louie, FBOMB Trading Inc Founder 
FBOMB Trading Inc will be officially commencing the distribution of HAAN products in the next few months. Please refer to the sales contacts below to book an appointment to view HAAN’s incoming product. 
Linked for years with the fashion world as distributors of international brands of footwear and accessories in Spain, Eric Armengou and Hugo Rovira decided in 2018 to start from their hometown Barcelona a parallel project closer to their way of understanding life: a brand that from its foundations had defined a social commitment. HAAN is part of a new generation of entrepreneurs who, under the concept of corporate activism, pretend to be part of the game and the solution to define a closer future with the planet and humidity, which in their case translates into the slogan ‘Turning Care Around’. 
HAAN Pocket is the first launch of a young personal care brand that has broken into the 
market with an atypical approach within the industry. As a result of the disruptive vision of its two founders, HAAN is a company with a double face: on the one hand, it develops design products for the day-to-day care and, on the other hand, it takes a main role in social causes, investing part of its profits to fight against the global water crisis. With little more than a year of life, the brand is already present in about twenty countries in Europe and Asia, in addition to its online store.