July 21, 2021 1 min read

There are plenty of backpacks for men that are loaded with technical features, zippers galore, and enough clips, straps and dangly bits to make a whole other backpack out of. And while these features can be handy, they’re not always aesthetically pleasing. That’s why minimalist backpacks are a popular option for the stylish traveler or urban commuter. Characterized by a sleek design and few extraneous details, the best minimalist backpacks will have a stylish look that doesn’t immediately scream “first day of middle school” or “summitting Half Dome.”
The simple exteriors of a minimalist backpack can belie the fact that many of these bags are practical, too. Many minimalist backpacks have a variety of interior compartments for storing and organizing your essentials. Some have hidden external pockets that are great for travelers who need a secure place to stash passports or electronics.
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