September 24, 2020 1 min read

Our Best Travel Luggage 2020 has to soar high on long-lasting durability, organization and access, and flexibility to adapt on the fly…
1st Place
You can spot a Topo Designs piece a mile off. Their signature styling and colorway combinations help them stand out from the crowd. But their Travel Bag Roller offers more than just eye-catching vibes. It’s been carefully designed to tick all the boxes you want in travel luggage.
This roller is built to last, taking on the demands of travel with ease, with a marriage between a tough hard-sided back and burly softgood front.
In the organization department, you’ll find no shortage of pockets and compartments to neatly store your gear and avoid jumbled messes, while still being able to access the essentials you need on the go. And the design is rounded off with multiple carry options, allowing you to wheel it, carry it by the side handles, or haul it on your back with the stowable backpack straps.
This is the kind of luggage that doesn’t dictate how you can travel or where you can go. Instead, it adapts easily to changing environments, embracing smooth airport floors, cobbled streets and winding stairways alike. It’s tough, playful and versatile, all in a highly considered design intended for maximum travel ease. Bravo, Topo Designs!