October 15, 2021 1 min read

Socks are a funny old thing. The standard stocking filler present, they get a bad rep for being the most boring item in the underwear draw. But there’s much more to a pair of socks than the novelty designs that plague the present pile come Christmas.

A good pair of socks will be comfortable on all parts of your feet – all the way from your ankles to your toes. They should offer some level of support without being restrictive, and the ability to wick sweat away – whether it’s a hot day or you’re doing a strenuous workout – will not only keep your feet feeling fresh, but could minimise blisters too.

There are also a range of sock styles, and each one is designed to perfectly fit the job at hand (or foot). A pair of wellington boots call for boot socks, but you wouldn’t wear the same pair for a run, after all.

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